Plays for Young Audiences

What do these plays have in common?

 All of them invite the audience to take an imaginative journey beyond our realistic world, and into the adventurous and tender places in our hearts.  These plays may list “target audience ages”, but really they work for all of us. Whether sprung from classical sources, fairy tales, folklore or sheer playfulness, these plays ask the audience to set aside the workaday world and enter a new one. New Classics are designed to challenge actors and engage audiences.  They elevate our hearts, and enlarge our understanding of each other.

You are invited to love the Story. We do.

All scripts have accompanying Study Guides for teachers, available upon request.  All Plays for Young Audiences are by Gay H. Hammond unless otherwise specified.



Try our newest script for young audiences:


 Shiver Me Timbers!  pirate graphic

(Suggested Casting 3M, 2F — but some gender flexibility possible)

A delightful romp through the world of pirates, treasure, mermaids and the call of the sea!  Funny, lyrical and just ridiculous by turn, this anthology includes the stories of Treasure Beach, The Pirate & the Mermaid, and Perfect Pet for a Pirate, woven into a magical chantey of adventure.

Minimal set, suitable for touring.  A hit with all audiences, but particularly grades 1-4.  45 minutes.



Or any of our other popular scripts.  

Perusals available upon request. 


African Tails  

(Flexible casting w/doubling; 16-20 people, mostly non-gender-specific)

A comic and exciting anthology of African Folk Tales about animals, using ritual movement and traditional dance. Contains three pour-quoi stories: Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears, How Iguana Got His Revenge, and Why Hippo Lives in the River.

Suitable for all audiences, especially Pre-K through  4th. 45 minutes. Unit Set.


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland  

(Flexible casting w/doubling: 8-16 people, 2-14 W, 2-14M)

A free-wheeling, highly imaginative and fast-paced adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of dreaming and identity.  Dialogue faithful to Lewis Carroll.

Suitable for all audiences, especially grades 2-5. 50 minutes. Unit Set. Touring script for 5 actors also available.







The Briar PatchBrer Rabbit

(7M, 4W, 3-5 ch, opt.)

Sly Brer Fox, credulous Brer Bear and the clever, infuriating, hilarious Brer Rabbit all inhabit the shade and sunlight of the American Old South, where these classic tales from the traditions of Southern, African and Native American folklore combine in a frolicsome, rib-ticklin’, head-scratchin’ romp that teaches us our “thinkin’ machines” really are the key to life.

Suitable for all, especially K-4th. 50 minutes. Flexible staging.


The Emperor’s New Clothes

(4M, 5W, 2-4 Ch)

A whimsical, hilarious spin on Hans Christian Anderson’s story of vanity and foolishness. Set in a farcical 18th Century court and filled with memorable characters. (And by the way, the Emperor appears at the end in ridiculous underwear, rather than nude)!

Suitable for all audiences, especially K-5th. 50 minutes. Unit Set.


Princesa Mirabella's new friend

Princesa Mirabella’s new friend

The Frog Prince 

(5M, 6W)

In a fiery land of anywhen, a place where magical spells, Fairy Godmothers and spare princesses abound, a frog meets a royal scientist – that is, an unassuming prince meets a scientific princess. Through the trials of dueling suitors, spells gone awry and broken promises, these two learn that while magic can bring you together, only true loyalty can bring you love. Filled with Latin flair and hilarious characters, this new spin on a classic fairy tale will have you looking for your own lily pad.

Suitable for all. 55 minutes. Unit Set.




Heading West: Voices of the American Frontier

(4W, 1M)

This play is based upon the letters, journals and oral histories of the diverse and courageous men and women who braved the perils of the unknown, faced physical hardships, loneliness and loss to pursue their dreams and the wondrous promises awaiting them in the American West of the 19th century. Intended for 7th grade and up. Flexible staging. 60 minutes. Suitable for touring.


Old Green Grasshopper

James and the Giant Peach

(7 W, 8 M, 2-5 ch (optional).  Some gender-flexibility possible).

“A Little Magic can take you a long way”. James Henry Trotter is “the saddest and loneliest boy you could find” since losing his parents in a tragic rhinoceros accident and being forced to move in with his wicked Aunts, Spike and Sponger. See what happens when James accidentally spills the enchanted gift of a mysterious stranger at the foot of a tired peach tree! A delightfully odd and magical journey with James and his unusual friends, through ocean and sky, in search of happiness.

Suitable for all audiences, especially grades K-6. 55 minutes.


Jungle Book

(flexible casting, w/doubling; 5-8 M, 1-6 W)

Join Mowgli the Man-cub on his adventure of learning and courage with funny, faithful friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther as they face Shere Khan the vengeful tiger. Filled with the beautiful language of Rudyard Kipling’s poems and stories.

Suitable for all audiences, especially grades 2-6. 50 minutes. Unit Set.



(3 M, 2 W)

A tribal retelling of the classic character study of a woman driven to extremes by lust, love and betrayal. Written in blank verse, this challenging and moving new script seeks to humanize the tragic love story while emphasizing the value of the gift of life.

Intended for advanced 8th  grade classes and up. Mature themes. Flexible staging. 50 minutes.

Suitable for touring.


Monsters Under the Bed

(gender-flexible casting, 6)

A wild and physical anthology of stories and poems from cultures all over the world about trolls, ghosts, beasties and other things that go bump in the night! Includes The Banshee and The Trolls and the Kittycat, among others.

Targeting pre-K through 5th. 50 minutes. Suitable for touring.  To read an excerpt of MONSTERS, click here. 



Oedipus confronts blind Teiresius

Oedipus confronts blind Teiresius

Oedipus Rex

(flexible casting: 2-4 M, 1-3 W)

The story of a man facing the consequences of not only his own actions, but the actions of those who came before him. This classic retelling of one of our oldest and most important stories explores pride, ambition and ultimately, sacrifice. Performed on the ancient stage of Epidaurus, Greece in 2008.

Intended for grades 7 and up. Elevated language. Mature themes. Flexible staging. 50 minutes.

Suitable for touring.

Robin Hood  

Robin and Maid Marian

Robin and Maid Marian

(6-12 M, 3 W)

The classic swashbuckling tale of Robin and his Merry Men as they woo the beautiful Maid Marian and outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham and evil Prince John. Arrows! Fights! Fun! And a thoroughly charming rogue of a hero.

Suitable for all audiences.  55 minutes. Flexible set.


Lady Cherrybough watches over the sleeping beauty, Princess Dawn Blossom.

Lady Cherrybough watches over the sleeping beauty, Princess Dawn Blossom.

Sleeping Beauty

(4-6 M, 7 W)

A new interpretation of this magical tale of beauty, honor and courage, set in a garden in Ancient Asia. A familiar tale filled with the magic of  an unfamiliar land, peopled with funny, scary, surprising characters and textured with dance, martial arts, magic and mystery.

Suitable for all audiences, especially grades 2-6. 55 minutes. Unit Set






Brave Sophie in the grasp of the inimitable Captain Scourge!

Brave Sophie in the grasp of the inimitable Captain Scourge!

Sophie and the Pirates

(5-7M, 4W, optional children)

Sophie is a young girl who longs for adventure on the High Seas, but she gets more than she bargained for when she is scooped up by a gang of wacky pirates. She learns how to be a sailor, how to chase (and fight) a wicked pirate lady, and how to be a good captain . . . most of all, she learns that the biggest adventure is finding yourself.

Suitable for all audiences. 50 minutes. Unit Set.

To read some of SOPHIE, click here.


Snow Dragon and his Voice.

Snow Dragon

(4-7 M, 4-7 W)

On a mountain so high the ice never melts, a mysterious Snow Dragon lives. Sleet falls when he flies, and his breath is a dagger of ice. But to one girl, found in the snow as a baby and forever different from those around her, Snow Dragon calls with the voice of a friend. When the Fire Dragon erupts from the belly of the earth, can Snow Dragon save his human friend . . .or must she save him?

Suitable for all audiences. 50 minutes. Flexible staging.


Stone Soup

(4M, 5W, 2-4 Ch, with optional townspeople)

Music by Dale Grogan.

A wacky musical set in an outrageously French medieval village, this story is faithful to the original tale’s message of the importance of sharing.

Suitable for all ages, especially pre-K-4th. 45 minutes. Unit Set.


Twilight Wood

By Lainey E. Kennedy

(2M, 6F, 7-10 children’s roles; flexible casting)

Victor and Violet are sent by their mother into the Twilight Wood to gather herbs.  When Victor wanders into the clutches of The Raven Queen and her faerie minions, it is up to Violet to put aside her rational thinking and work with a few faeries of her own to save her brother from the Garglemosh and The Raven Queen. Unit set. Suitable for all audiences, especially pre-K-4th. 50 minutes.

Monsieur and Madame de Pomme in Stone Soup!