Full Length Plays

Full-length Plays for All Audiences


                        Sense & Sensibility

Elinor and Edward discover what they have in common.

Elinor and Edward discover what they have in common.

by Gay H. Hammond, adapted from the novel  by Jane Austen

(9W, 8M, doubling possible)

Wildly popular with audiences, this imaginative and dreamy adaption of Jane Austen’s fluid fairytale of manners evokes all the romance and dry humor of the original classic incorporated into an exciting visual and aural landscape.  Streamlined, funny and filled with the nuances of what the heart wants, whether that desire is “suitable” or not.  Each of the Dashwood ladies desires something different:  the sensible Elinor longs to be with Edward Ferrars, but is willing to sacrifice that for honor, while the impassioned Marianne counts the world well lost in the pursuit of a romantic soul-mate! Helped by the ridiculous Mrs. Jennings and the brooding Colonel Brandon, hindered by the supercilious Fanny Dashwood, one family searches quietly for happiness.

All audiences. 100 minutes.  Flexible staging.




Barbary Allen                 *Award-winning!

by Gay H. Hammond

(7W, 5M, optional Ch)

Inspired by the traditional ballad of “hard-hearted Barbary Allen”, this lyrical tragedy is filled with the music, the poetry and the strength of the Appalachian mountains, as it follows a young girl caught at the very threshold between who she has been and who she wants to be. At this story’s very center is a community’s intimate tale of love and loss, and the painful flame of our heart’s desire.

PG audiences. 95 minutes. Fluid staging.


The Bra and Panty Club          

By Gay H. Hammond

(6W, 3M, 1 Boy)

Addy has worked for three years in the Lingerie Department of the best department store in the second-best mall in town. . .and it was supposed to be a temporary after-graduation job! In this off-kilter comedy, Addy copes with ridiculous characters, office politics, an unexpected Prince Charming and discovers that really, Sleeping Beauty should just wake up.

PG audiences (some slight language). 120 minutes.Unit Set.


A Christmas Carol

Book & Lyrics by Gay H. Hammond. Music by Dale Grogan.

(13W, 17M, 8 Ch)

An original musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ immortal classic of haunting and redemption. What makes this version unique is not only the gorgeous original score, but the emphasis on Scrooge’s past mistakes and inner darkness, as represented by the six Ghosts of Regret who haunt him.  Nevertheless, all the familiar characters and favorite scenes are here.

Suitable for all audiences. 120 minutes. Flexible staging.


Lucy in the graveyard in DRACULA.


by Gay H. Hammond

(5-8 W, 5-7 M)

A thrilling and unique take on this influential and always magnetic Gothic tale, emphasizing the traps and powers of the mind, and set in a surreal dreamscape. Lush visual and aural imagery plus strong female characters enhance this new work based on the novel by Bram Stoker.

PG audiences. 100 minutes. Flexible staging.





Lucy and Mina dread the night in Dracula.

H.M.S. Tempest

By Stephanie F. Garrett

(5W, 7M)

A re-imagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest with a distinctively Steampunk flavor, this play delights and challenges with its celebration of style. The mad inventor, Prospero, uses parts from his crashed steampship, the H.M.S. Tempest, to create automatons Caliban and Ariel as servants for his two daughters and their shipwrecked companion, Madame Juno. In the course of the play, another shipwreck brings the young Spanish prince, Ferdinand, and his cutthroat entourage, including Prospero’s brother Antonio, to the island where they encounter romance, swordplay, and a brave new world.

Suitable for all audiences and casts, especially high schools, 120 minutes, unit set.


Jane contemplates her next witticism!

Pieces of Ivory

By Stephanie F. Garrett

(4 W, 3 M)

A whimsical yet sincere look at Jane Austen’s life through the lens of her novels, this play allows Jane to tell her own story while interlacing scenes from her greatest works with actual dialogue and details taken from the historical Austen. The main focus of the plot is on Jane’s bitter-sweet romances and her struggle both to discover and maintain her identity and freedom as an innovative and progressive woman. Suitable for all audiences, 90 minutes, unit set.

The Prophetess Cassandra of Troy, from THE RAVEN AND THE NIGHTINGALE.



The Raven and the Nightingale  

by Gay H. Hammond

(5M, 5W, additional Chorus possible)

A tragic play in blank verse about the doomed prophetess of Troy, Cassandra, whose gift from Apollo was the ability to see the future and whose punishment from him was the curse that no one would believe her. Assailed by the destructive power of her visions while trying to navigate their meaning in order to save her family and her home, Cassandra is haunted and guided by the ghost of her twin brother as she faces not only her terrible fears and possible madness but her last enemy, Helen of Sparta.

PG Audiences. 100 minutes. Flexible staging.

To read some of THE RAVEN AND THE NIGHTINGALE, click here!


Truffaldino and the Innkeeper in A Servant of Two Masters.

A Servant of Two Masters  

by Jim and Gay Hammond, based on the classic by Carlo Goldoni

(5W, 7M)

A zany, highly-physical and irreverent show in the sometimes bawdy, always hilarious style of the commedia dell’arte. An excellent showcase for professionals and a challenging training ground for students of physical comedy.

PG-13 audiences. 120 minutes. Unit Set/Flexible staging.


The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates

By Lainey E. Kennedy

(12M, 6F, additional roles optional)

Henry is a young academic recently graduated and out looking for a job on a “ship of good repute”.  What he finds instead is a job as a cabin boy aboard The Lux Arumque, which happens to be a pirate ship.  As he learns to deal with his new situation he will meet a crew of odd airship pirates, slimy politicians, and a lovely diplomatic agent while trying to save the world from certain war.  Ultimately he will discover that not all pirates are as bad as they seem and that he has what it takes to save the world.  Flexible set. 120 minutes.

Suitable for most audiences (PG) Some Swordplay/Violence.