The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

~ Plutarch

Theatre is the most vital art form we have, because it is by, for and about humans. Theatre exists to connect us, to put us in a room together and feel what the other feels,  to experience the shared breath. For 2500 years, theatre has been the voice for and illumination of Us.

We should light more fires.

Young Audiences

are the new Elizabethans.

They have voracious appetites for entertainment, adventure and discovery.  In a theatre for young audiences, they speak and howl, clap and engage with live actors as enthusiastically as any of Shakespeare’s audience. We should feed them more. These plays have delighted and engaged audiences of all ages.They are designed to challenge actors, inspire designers and transform audiences.They should be as simple – and thrilling – as sitting around a fire at night, listening to the story grow.

~Gay H. Hammond